Nadal makes Messi speechless


Nadal makes Messi speechless

After their inclusion on the Laureus Awards shortlist for best male athlete of the year, the Argentine superstar hailed the Spaniard.

Posting on social media, Messi stated: “I am in awe to be told by such a great athlete as you. Nadal, I’m really grateful. Also, you deserve it all because you give your all every day. We’re still going to race even if you’re the winner, right? In actuality, they are all deserving of this year’s Laureus.

Earlier, Nadal wrote the following in the status of a post regarding the Laureus award: “Go Messi, you deserve it.”

The Laureus World Sports Awards are given each year to recognize sportsmen and sports organizations for their outstanding accomplishments.

For the Laureus award for best male athlete, in addition to Messi and Nadal, Kylian Mbappe, driver Max Verstappen, pole vaulter Armand Duplantis, and basketball player Stephen Curry are among contenders.

Real Madrid is highly favored by Nadal. The Spaniard wins the Australian Open and Roland Garros in 2022 to become the first person to win all 22 Grand Slams. Meanwhile, Messi guided Argentina to the 2022 World Cup victory. The superstar born in 1987 was able to win the “World Cup Golden Ball” for the second time in his career thanks to “El Pulga’s” performance in Qatar.

Miguel, Nadal’s uncle, used to play for Barcelona. The Spaniard supports Real Madrid, though. Bayern Munich defeated Messi and PSG in the opening leg of the Champions League round. Nadal was eliminated from the Australian Open in the second round, meanwhile.

Galtier is appreciative of Messi

The captain of Paris Saint-Germain voiced his respect for Lionel Messi, who over the weekend scored the game-winning goal to help his team defeat Lille.

With a well-known free kick, Lionel Messi caused the school bridge at Parc des Princes to collapse. The Argentine legend also draws notice due to his freshly shaven appearance.

It is hardly hyperbole to аrgue that Messi was instrumental in helping his coach Christophe Galtier decompress following a run of three straight losses.

The Parisians must have considered the draw before executing the 90+5 free kick successfully.

Canal+ interviewed coach Galtier after the drаmatic match, he said: “The players tried very hard to overcome the difficult period. While it was clear, Lille showed how worthy of the point. So the victory was won. This is even more valuable to PSG.”

The French strategist praised the excellence of the attack, especially Leo Messi: “It is the class of the world’s top superstars. I am not surprιsed with such emotional moments coming from Messi. I Thank you for being here, fιghting for this team.”

With defeating Lille, PSG is able to maintain a comfortable 5-point lead over Olympique Marseille, who just triumphed in an exciting 2-3 victory against Toulouse. The ideal warm-up for the “French Super Classic” fιght that will occur in the following 25th round.

Mbappe is on par with Messi, according to legendary Gullit, which explains why PSG will fail

Gullit discusses Paris Saint-Germain and their all-star roster while ranking Lionel Messi among the best three players in the world.

The Laureus sports award, which recognizes sportsmen each year, is sponsored by Dutch star Ruud Gullit, who spoke with Marca on the occasion of the award’s presentation for 2022. (Spain).

Lionel Messi is ranked among the top three footballers in the world by Gullit, who also discusses Paris Saint-Germain and their all-star lineup.

Gullit had the opportunity to face Diego Maradona during the years AC Milan and Napoli fought each other in Serie A, and the shaggy-haired player thinks Messi, along with “El Diego” and Pele, are the three greatest players in the world. football history. “The World Cup ended with Argentina and Messi winning, and that’s the most important thing because really we all want Messi to win the world,” Gullit said.

“That’s the only thing missing from Messi’s legacy and he’s succeeded. Over the years what we have seen from him is often inexplicable, Messi is like a player from another planet. Pele, Maradona, Messi, for me those are the three greatest players in history, no one can match them.”

Together with Italian players like Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, and Carlo Ancelotti, Gullit also had Marco Van Basten and Frank Rijkaard (all three Ballon d’Or nominees, but Rijkaard did not win) competing for AC Milan. PSG currently has a large number of talents at the club, especially the superstar trio of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, but the club has come under fire for a lack of discipline that has prevented them from winning the European Championship as planned.

Gullit thinks that Messi and Mbappe are on the same level, but PSG will not be successful with the current superstar lineup

Gullit said that for him now Mbappe is no less than Messi, but PSG does not need more stars. “It’s not easy to control a team like that, they have three big stars but there’s only one captain on the boat to lead. I have a feeling that they won’t be as successful as expected, because Real Madrid used to have Los Galacticos and didn’t win many titles,” Gullit said.

“At Milan we always have a handful of people playing a leadership role even if they are not big stars. Baresi is an exemplary player, I often share the room with Ancelotti and know he will be a coach in the future because of the seriousness of his preparation before each game. PSG will need more stars, they have to have serious players with the goal of winning.”

Also in the interview, Gullit expressed some surprιse with Erik Ten Hag’s success at MU, saying that there are many differences between the Dutch and English leagues. Also, when asked between the pair Kroos – Modric and Pedri – Gavi which midfield pair he likes to play with, Gullit said: “Pedri and Gavi will probably be as good as the two seniors, but Kroos and Modric know when on the field it is necessary. What”.

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