Will Messi choose Saudi Arabia’s ‘money’ or ‘love’ with Barca?

Liệu tình cảm với Barca có đủ thuyết phục Messi quay lại?

Lionel Messi has received a salary offer of up to 500 million euros per year from the Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal. But will he choose to “run after money” or towards love to return to Barca’s “old roof”?

The Argentine superstar is in the process of weighing his future options as he nears the end of his two-year contract at PSG. With conflicts that are difficult to heal over time, La Pulga’s departure is inevitable.

An emotional return to Barca has been rumored for the 35-year-old. But he has also been closely linked with a move to the Middle East.

Nếu sang Saudi Arabia, Messi sẽ nhận lương gấp đôi Ronaldo

Al-Hilal is said to be keen to create the prospect of Messi facing arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo in Riyadh. Cadena Ser thinks he has received a terrible salary offer of up to 500 million euros per season. The figure is more than double what Ronaldo is enjoying and will make M10 the highest-paid player in history.

However, Catalan media mogul, Mediapro founder and Barca member Jaume Roures has also pointed out that a return to Barcelona remains a priority for Messi.

If he goes to Saudi Arabia, Messi will receive twice the salary of Ronaldo

“In my opinion, Messi has the ability to return to Barcelona despite the offer of more than 500 million euros/season from Saudi Arabia. Everyone can see how Cristiano Ronaldo is playing there and suffering bad things. With Messi, he always wanted to return to Barcelona. It was an important factor in decision-making, “said Mr. Roures.

Mr. Roures also stated that Barca is actively preparing resources, especially financial, to welcome Leo back. Accordingly, the Catalan team is cooperating with La Liga to make this deal.

The businessman also said Barcelona had resolved the issue of Gavi’s future. According to Mr. Roures, Barcelona’s biggest obstacle at the moment is meeting the requirements of the Financial Fair Play Law. Mr Roures believes Messi will make his choice this May. In fact, the option to return to Barca is probably the best option for Messi right now when he has both been kicked in the Champions League and loved by the fans. According to Sport, the Catalan club has sent an official offer to Leo for a two-year contract with a salary of 25 million euros per year and many generous revenue splits.

Will the affection for Barca be enough to convince Messi to return? However, many people are still doubting Barca’s financial ability. This team has had to exercise financial leverage in recent years to get money to recruit and sign up rookies. However, they are still carrying a lot of debt. Messi’s love for Barca is undisputed.

However, at the age of 35, he does not have much time left to risk a precarious Barca. Perhaps the best thing for La Pulga is to both earn as much money as possible before retiring and keep playing in the Copa America 2024 as well as the 2026 World Cup with Argentina. Currently, Messi’s side is still deciding to keep quiet about the future.

Earlier, Jorge Messi, Leo’s father also emphasized that no decision on a new destination would be made until the end of the season. M10’s goal now will only be to win Ligue 1 with PSG to leave peacefully.

Therefore, Messi’s future is likely to be officially confirmed only at the end of this season. Just don’t know if he will choose between “money” of Saudi Arabia or “love” with Barca?

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